Outdoor Training Equipment for Park

Outdoor Training Equipment for Park

ItemNo.: KW-1145A | Type: Chest Press Station |
Dimension: 180*70*188 cm (L*W*H)...

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Chest Press machine trains the users’ muscle more strong.

Outdoor fitness parks make life better for the people in your community. You can discover the users keep doing exercise outdoors their self discipline are better than the people who are watching TV at home, they build good habits by themselves. 

Area Worked: Upper & lower arms, chest & back.

Function:Increases strength in the chest and upper arms


1. Sit upright in the seat maintaining a straight back;

2. Take hold of the handgrips in front of you with both hands and then push forward until your arms are almost fully extended and straight;

3. Slowly bring your arms back to the starting position;

4. Maintain a smooth, controlled movement during the exercise and do not lock elbows;

5. Exhale when pushing out, and inhale when pulling back;

6. Increase repeats as fitness improves.

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