Outdoor Sports Park Fitness Equipment

ItemNo.: KW-1125A | Type: Single Cardio Walker/Double Air Walker |
Dimension: 110*52*133/106*52*125/192*52*125 cm (L*W*H)...

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Play is a basic human need for people of all ages. So how do we cater to the play needs of older generations? Creating low impact wellness playgrounds can provide older adults with opportunities for socialization, exercise, and fun.

Kiwi is a full service outdoor fitness equipment manufacturer that can assist you with all your park and school program needs, from design to installation. 

Area Worked: Upper legs, lower legs and hips.

Function: Improve condition of heart & mobility and strength of hips& legs

Instruction: 1. Take firm hold of both hands on the support bar, step both feet onto the pedals; 2. Push legs back and forth alternatively to a comfortable distance; 3. Swing in a controlled manner; 4. Increase reps as fitness improves; 5. Increase your pace and your stride length for more of a workout.

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