Outdoor Public Fitness System

Outdoor Public Fitness System

ItemNo.: KW-1147A | Type: Double Air Skier |
Dimension: 161*50*150 cm (L*W*H)...

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Outdoor fitness park should located in a convenient or available place where near community or nearby kids outdoor playgrounds, so when kids are playing, adults can use the sideward fitness equipment take some exercise, that’s way to encourage some of non-exercising adults to be engaged in to fitness training regularly. 

Area Worked: Upper and lower arms, upper and lower legs, shoulder and back.

Function:Improve heart and lung function over a period time, increase overall flexibility


1. Take a firm hold of both hands on the bar grips, step both feet onto the pedals;

2. Push arms & feet in an opposite motion;

3. Change between forward and backwards motion to enhance workout;

4. Maintain a smooth, controlled movement through exercise; 5. Increase duration as fitness improves

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