Outdoor Gym Equipment Monkey Bar

Outdoor Gym Equipment Monkey Bar

ItemNo.: KW-1131A | Type: Monkey Bar |
Dimension: 312*92*220 cm (L*W*H)...

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As commercial outdoor exercise fitnessstructure manufacturer and supplier we are pleased to provide a variety of high quality, durable outdoor workout gym equipment that perfectly complement our playground and freestanding structures. Explore our fitness equipment catalogue and discover how you can make your playground even more inviting. 

Area Worked: Upper and lower arms, shoulders, chest and back.

Function: Increases strength in the whole upper body, and help to build overall flexibility


1. Stand at the end of ladder and between posts;

2. Grip bars with both hands, taking body weight with arms;

3. Take one hand off the bar, reach and grasp to next bar;

4. Repeat with the other hand, hand over hand, one bar after another, swing down the length of the ladder.

5. Increase repeats as fitness improves.

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