Outdoor Functional Fitness Equipment

Outdoor Functional Fitness Equipment

ItemNo.: KW-1148A | Type: Waist & Back Stretcher |
Dimension:90*57*127cm (L*W*H)...

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How to designing an outdoor fitness park, and how it can help your community reach it's health and wellness goals? Kiwi is ready to provide all information on how to design, install and program your fitness park to make sure it is a useful resource for everyone in your community. So please free free to contact us, you are always welcomed.

Area Worked: Back & Abdomens, shoulder & chest.

Function:Improve strength in the back and abdominal while promoting flexibility in the shoulder and chest.


1. Lean backwards against the planks, grasping the handrails with both hands for support;

2. Slowly increase the backwards level of stretch;

3. Return to the starting position;

4. Increase repeats as fitness improves

Note: This exercise can also be finished with leaning across the apparatus forwards.

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