Outdoor Fitness Equipment Sit Up Trainer

ItemNo.: KW-1133A | Type: Double Sit Up Trainer |
Dimension: 148*120*63 cm (L*W*H)...

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A multiple outdoor fitness system contributes to residentscommunity a high quality of life. With the population increasing in city, communities are continuously seeking new ways to provide outdoor recreationspaces and activities to residents, and outdoor exercise is one good option for adults. 

Area Worked: Abdomens and back.

Function: Helps tone the abdominal muscles while improving core body mobility.


1. Lay back on the bench with your feet hooked under the bars;

2. Place your hands across your chest;

3. DO NOT interlock fingers & hands behind your head;

4. Slowly lift your upper body off the bench, bending at the hips;

5. Inhale as your bend, exhale on return;

6. Movement should be undertaken in a controlled manner on both strokes;

7. Care should be taken if you have or have had back problems.

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