Outdoor Fitness Equipment Ladder

Outdoor Fitness Equipment Ladder

ItemNo.: KW-1130A | Type: Fitness Wall Bar |
Dimension: 142*11*238 cm (L*W*H)...

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Outdoor Fitness Equipment for ResidenceCommunity

Area Worked:Abdominal, arms & shoulder, upper & lower legs.

Function:Increases strength in the whole upper body, grip & improve the flexibility of shoulder joint and hip joint.


Tuck Hang: 1. Stand upright back on the bars and take hold of the bar firmly with both hands; 2. Lift both upper and lower legs while supporting body with both arms; 3. Lifting legs off the ground at a 180 degree angle; 4. Slowly Lower down to the starting position; 5. Inhale as you lift and exhale as you lower down; 6. Maintain a smooth & controlled movement, and do not loose griping during exercise; 7. Increase repeats as fitness improves.

Inverted Sit-up: 1. Hang upside down with both legs from the bars; 2. Put both hands across your chest; 3. DO NOT interlock fingers & hands behind your head; 4. Slowly lift your upper body off the bars, bending at the hips; 5. Inhale as your bend, exhale on return; 6. Movement should be undertaken in a controlled manner on both strokes; 7. Care should be taken if you have or have had back or legs problems.

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