Outdoor Fitness Equipment for Playgrounds

Outdoor Fitness Equipment for Playgrounds

ItemNo.: KW-1142A | Type: Double Surfboard |
Dimension: 105*78*140 cm (L*W*H)...

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Outdoor Adult Fitness Equipment Parks promote growth in a healthy community. These parks attract health conscious people to a neighborhood and can often influence the behavior of non-exercisers, expanding the benefits associated with regular exercise to a greater number of people. 

Area Worked: Abdomens, lower back and arms.

Function: Improves flexibility & strengthens the abdominals while improving mobility in the spine and strengthening of arms.


1. Take hold of the handles, supporting the body with the arms to keep upper body still;

2. Place both feet onto pendulum platform;

3. Gently swing the hips from side to side, keeping the upper body static at all times;

4. Swing to a comfortable & controlled position;

5. Increase duration as fitness improves.

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