Outdoor Fitness Equipment Exercise Bike

Outdoor Fitness Equipment Exercise Bike

ItemNo.: KW-1153A | Type: Upright Cycle |
Dimension: 85*50*130 cm (L*W*H)...

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Lower Limbs Warm up Trainer

Users sit comfortably on the Upright Cycle’s ergonomically designed saddle and pedal to achieve cardio, strength, endurance, and core benefits. The pedal rotation uses an advanced magnetic bearing system that is tested to rigorous standards for longevity and durability.

Outdoor fitness equipment production process

Galvanized pipe preparing→Pipe Cutting→Bending→Punching→Welding →Polishing→Sand blasting→Color powder coating→Assembling→Packing 

Area Worked: Upper & lower limbs.

Function:Increase flexibility & endurance of lower limbs.


1. Sit on the seat with both hands taking hold of grips, your knees bent and tread on footrests;

2. Push both feet around circular motion alternately to enhance workout;

3. Increase repeats as fitness improves.

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