Galvanized Steel Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Galvanized Steel Outdoor Fitness Equipment

ItemNo.: KW-1139A | Type: Waist and Back Massager |
Dimension: 110*83*150 cm (L*W*H)...

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When people do exerciseon outdoor adult fitness equipment in a same park, they will start to socialize, promote relationships between them. These relationships may then support increased use as participants more readily interact with each other, offering encouragementand support. That is strengthening a concordant community. 

Area Worked: Waist, back & abdomens

Function: Gently strengthen muscles and improve mobility on waist, back, and abdominals while improving circulation.


Vertical Section

Rest your back against the rollers and slowly rotate your upper body left & right

Horizontal section

1. Rest your back against the roller, gain support from the handle bars and slowly lower yourself down & up;

2. Make sure all movements are conducted slowly;

3. Increase duration as fitness improves.

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