Commercial Outdoor Gym Equipment

Commercial Outdoor Gym Equipment

ItemNo.: KW-1128A | Type: Air Skier |
Dimension: 110*55*151 cm (L*W*H)...

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Kiwi Outdoor Gym Exercise Equipment are designed to simulate walking, running, cycling, skiing and rowing, etc. Correct and regular use of these equipment offers good cardio workouts. Different fitness equipment target specific body parts and thus meet different needs for body building. 

Area Worked: Upper and lower arms, upper and lower legs, shoulders, back and hips.

Function: Improve heart and lung function over a period time, increase overall flexibility


1. Take a firm hold of both hands on the bar grips, step both feet onto the pedals;

2. Push arms & feet in an opposite motion;

3. Change between forward and backwards motion to enhance workout;

4. Maintain a smooth, controlled movement through exercise;

5. Increase duration as fitness improves.

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