Types Of Equipment For Indoor Children's Parks
Nov 21, 2018

Duplex structure Combination such as Balloon House, ice and snow, etc., usually combined with slide pool combination.

This kind of equipment is a necessary part of the park, in the receipt of children's favorite at the same time, but also through a two-storey platform to increase the park's playing space.

Rotating Swing type Swimming tools such as coconut trees, big ball trees, dolphin swings and so on.

This type of tour is about 2.8 meters high, colorful, is the highlight of the park.

Climbing Swimming Tools such as animal forests, spinning the earth, rotating rock climbing and so on.

This type of tour to exercise the courage and guts of the baby, the most popular with the little boys.

Rotating Trojan Tour Tools

Most popular with young girls, round their princess dream.

Water bed type Swimming tools

Water inside there are fish, tortoises, octopus and other lifelike small animals, each child as come to the seaside, can lie on the water bed for a long.

Trampoline Swimming Tools The traditional trampoline is a spring-pulling structure, and the new trampoline is an inflatable pad. The former is suitable for children of a certain age need to find a feeling of stimulation, the latter suitable for small children, so that they feel stimulated at the same time do not feel afraid.

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