The Twisting Waist Of Outdoor Fitness Equipment
Nov 21, 2018

Twist waist fitness equipment such as waist-twisting device. Old people's waist is more stiff, twisting the waist when the action as slow and soft as possible. Too fast twisting can lead to small muscle strain around the spine, which can have adverse effects on the intervertebral disc and may lead to disc herniation.

Therefore, in doing the twisting waist action, to do what you want, do not extremely twist themselves, especially do not push too hard. Tip one: When twisting the waist, turn 180 degrees of the circle, generally 3-4 seconds is safe, individual elderly can be used for 1-2 seconds.

Don't use explosive power. Usually used for three people waist-twisting device, many people at the same time exercise, in order to prevent the occurrence of sprain.

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