Aerobics Equipment For Outdoor Fitness Equipment
Nov 21, 2018

Some elderly people in space walkers to increase the stride, spanning 160 to 180 degrees, the space Walker as a "dynamic leg Chopper", which is quite dangerous. Because it can cause the hip ligament to relax, easy to trigger dislocation.

Dr Ho suggested that older people should repeat more low-intensity aerobic exercise. Tip three: Don't swing on the same side on the space walker.

There is no fitness effect for this kind of play, and you may fall off without noticing it.

Riding machine is a more suitable for the elderly sports equipment, when playing pay attention to the head back, as far as possible to the body back pull, this is helpful to prevent and improve cervical spondylosis.

Tip Four: People with intervertebral disc herniation must not be able to play a health riding machine. The skid machine is also a suitable device for the elderly to exercise, but individual old comrades are playing this kind of equipment frequency too fast.

In a cycle of 360 degrees, the average old friend should not exceed 1.5 to 2 cycles in a second. Tip Five: Exercise speed too fast will cause the heart too much exercise load, have heart disease of the elderly friends to pay great attention.

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