Project Management of Naughty Castle
Nov 21, 2018

1, the budget operating funds. It's not OK to do anything without the support of money. Naughty Castle is the same, when we have this idea, to think in the heart, is not enough early venture capital support. After the operation of the benefits will be how much a day of income, how long can recover costs and so on. For example, investment, naughty Fort 50,000, the venue of 30,000 a year, water and electricity one months 3000, decoration 20,000 and so on a total of 100,000 (here only for reference, no actual reference value).

It is also necessary to calculate the difference in income for a day, from Monday to Friday and on holidays. Here you can refer to the list. The ultimate goal of our concern is how long it will take to recoup costs and profits. 2, the venue. It's not OK to do children's entertainment without a good venue. Naughty fort operation in the domestic, most are placed in the big shopping malls supermarket, because the shopping malls, supermarkets themselves is the choice in a relatively good crowd gathering place. and naughty fort in these places is to save the trouble of choosing a place, shopping malls and so on in the choice of venues is certainly after a certain choice and planning to make the decision. Coupled with these places can also attract people to stop, such as adults to the supermarket, shopping malls, you can directly put children in the naughty castle where the fun places to play. But shopping malls and supermarkets are not the only option, we can also do some professional children's amusement stores, such as many cases abroad can be used for reference. But for convenience, the mall supermarket is a good choice. In US and our customers, it's better to operate in these places than out there.

In addition, if the location of the outside, but also to consider the flow of people at the same time, to see what the surrounding building is mainly, in order to help determine the configuration and size of the inside of the naughty fort. 3, the product. This is also very important, with the above prerequisites, the safety and quality of the product is also very important. Children's safety is to be the first consideration, if there is a safety problem with the product, then the corresponding operating income will definitely follow a straight decline. Therefore, in the purchase of products, we have to choose a good security-related certificate of the formal enterprise, and to ensure product safety and quality. Here you can refer to our company news "teach you how to detect the quality of naughty Castle"

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