Product Features of Naughty Castle
Nov 21, 2018

Naughty Fort Project belongs to custom products, although the advantage is a one-time investment in the lifetime return of the industry, but the disadvantage is that if you want to withdraw equipment depreciation rate is quite high, more than 200,000 of the equipment used for several months in the sale of the words are also worth twenty thousand or thirty thousand Yuan, because naughty fort equipment is customized products to the next site need two modifications, and Protective nets, floor mats, ground glue, wallpaper and other items will not be able to use to replace, in the handling process some outsourced soft skin will also need to be heavy package, so the depreciation rate is close to 90%, and more difficult to sell, as home decoration to do after the demolition is not valuable, so once the site is done, Because the removal of the store will be very unfavorable, resulting in huge losses.

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