A new generation of naughty castles
Nov 21, 2018

A new generation of naughty castles, which contains a variety of game items from previous generations of naughty castles (e.g. trampoline, ocean ball pool, aerial scooter, monolithic bridge, Tiesao Bridge, driving barn, spiral slide, sliding pipe, rainbow ladder, rock climbing, flying saucer, carbine, cannon, automatic gun, cartoon septum, etc.), and added air sedan, volcanic eruption, Animal spray balls, and some electric toys (such as: electric coconut trees, merry-Trojan horses, electric octopus, curved trees, etc.) and other items. Children can use the fortress full of dynamic soft sponge balls, bombarded with "cannons", or "Carbine" fire, "rubber bow" surrender, or bare hands throw. Beneath the UFO, take a bubble ball bath from the sky, happy. All activities shock, both safe and full of excitement and challenge.

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