Indoor Trampoline Park with Large Slide

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1. Foam Pit

Foam Pit in trampoline park design is like a diving pool full of soft foam blocks. You're safe to jump, or dive or free fall into the pit. Foam Block fight sounds a great idea as well. 

2. Gymnastic Jumping Zone

Gymnastic Jumping Zone in trampoline park design is a heaven for professionals to "show off" their jumping tricks, forward or backer somersaul, air walk onto the wall, etc. 

3. Ninja Course

Ninja course in trampoline park design is the newest trend for a comprehensive trampoline park. It's an area where you can be Tarzan.

4.Rock Climbing Wall

There are many rocks on the wall, kids can climb upward from these rocks or a rope ladder. You needn't worry to fall down, there is a big soft foam pit under the wall.

5.Balance Beam Battle

This is a battle between 2 players. The weapon is the long soft stick, standing on the balance beam keep yourself not fall down, at the same time using any way to push another player into the foam pit, you are win.

6.Rope Ladder on the Foam Pit

Climbing on the ladder through the foam pit, there are your “opponents” they will shake the ladder, make you fall down, try to firmly grasp the ladder and arrive another end.

Installation:Provide specific installation instruction or send professional engineers to your site

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